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Nortel MICS 6.0 Software only (NTAB9832)

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Norstar MICS 6.0 Software (NTAB9832)

The Norstar MICS 6.0 Software will provide users with the 6.0 Software ONLY - this does not include the NV-RAM cartridge for MICS. The Modular ICS 6.0 Software Cartridge will support all of the features up to MICS 5.0 as well as external call forward, integrated voice and data support and hospitality features.


  • Allows for 1 Fiber and a 6-Port Expansion Cartridge
  • Advanced Features of the 6.0 Software Include:
    • Distinctive Rings for lines and hunt groups
    • System Wide Call Appearance Feature Codes
    • Display Enhancements for Caller ID
    • System Speed Dial Codes Increased to 200 Numbers
    • DTI/T1 capable of adding an additional T1 to the system
    • Anti-trombone
    • ISDN Call Connection Limitations
    • Centralized Voice Mail and Auto-Attendant on Norstar Voicemail Platforms


    • Compatible with all Norstar Phones

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