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Nortel MICS 6.1 Software only (NTAB3432)

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Norstar MICS 6.1 Software (NTAB3432)

The Norstar MICS 6.1 Software will provide users with ONLY the software - this does not include the NV-RAM cartridge. The Modular ICS 6.1 software will support all the features up to MICS 5.0 software along with additional features.


  • This software allows for 1 fiber and a 6-port expansion cartridge
  • Provides additional features - External Call Forward, Integrated Voice and Data Support,
    and Hospitality Features
  • Newer Features of the 6.1 Software Include:
    • Distinctive Rings for Lines and Hunt Groups
    • System Wide Call Appearance Feature Codes
    • Display Enhancements for Caller ID
    • System Speed Dial Codes increased to 200 #'s
    • DTI/T1 capable of adding an additional T1 to the system
    • Anti-trombone
    • ISDN Call Connection Limitations
    • Centralized Voicemail and Auto-Attendant on Norstar Voicemail Platforms


    • Compatible with all Norstar Phones

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