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The AtlasPhones Quality Difference - Our 10-Point Factory Process

  1. Body of unit (plastic casing) and buttons are fully replaced with brand new casing and buttons
  2. LCD display is replaced if need be along with a new glass display cover.
  3. Speaker for speaker phone is fully tested for clarity to insure new phone quality and replaced if needed.
  4. Internal wearable components are replaced with new including but not limited to power boards, flash chips, and harddrives on voicemails.
  5. Firmware and associated programming is defaulted to factory settings.
  6. New handset is included with each phone along with a new line or IP cord and handset cord.
  7. New literature pack and/or user guide and designation strips included with applicable models.
  8. Three trained quality control inspectors verify like new quality and completeness.
  9. Individually boxed in brand new professional box with the use of air bags and plastic wrap for protection along with corresponding product label affixed to the outside.
  10. All orders of 2 or more phones are shipped in an additional external box to protect the products' integrity and safety.


We often receive phones that are dirty, yellow and full of grime.
We don't just wipe these units down like most suppliers.
We first send the unit through our Atlas 10-Point Factory Process!


After our 10-Point Factory Process,
the product is then prepped and boxed in brand new packaging!
Once complete, all products are backed with our Atlas 1-Year Warranty.

Bad/Scratched Display
Yellow Buttons
Yellow Plastic
Scratched and Yellow Handset

New Display and Screen Cover
New Buttons
New Front and Back Plastic
New Base
New IP Cord and Handset Cord


Other Supplier's Boxes: Sealed and Labeled Boxes:

Our boxes include airbags to secure the safety of all our products.