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MICS R7.1 Software & NV-RAM (NTPW0138)

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MICS R7.1 software & NV-RAM (NTPW0138)

The MICS R7.1 Software and NV-RAM sleeve will provide users with the software release 7.1 along with a NV-RAM sleeve.


  • SWCA Enhancements - Added in the system configuration:
    • Under capabilities SWCA call group allows you to assign SWCA codes to telephones that
      do not have call appearance indicators, such as the Digital Mobility phone or the 7000 & 7100 digital phones


    • Enhanced ATA2 is the ONLY ATA compatible with MICS 6.1 and later software
    • All NRU's, Fast RAD, VMI and CTA's are compatible
    • SMDR6 compatible
    • Compatible with all Norstar phones

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