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Premier Technologies SM 1000 Series (SM-1000)

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SM 1000 Series

The SM 1000 Series device is designed to be an enhanced music and message-on-hold player with a digital smart media player. This device has the ability to hold up to 64 minutes of memory.

The SM 1000 is a 100% digital Smart Media player used for Information On-Hold. Messages are downloaded to the SmartMedia card by using a PC, a SmartMedia read/writer, and Premier Technologies' MuVer software. Up to six audio tracks can be stored on the SmartMedia memory cards for future playback.


  • Up to 6 Messages
  • Non-volatile Memory
  • Selectable Program Playback
  • Smart Media Player (Digital)
  • Up to six audio tracks can be stored on memory cards
  • Solid Aluminum Enclosure
  • Tone Control
  • 600 Ohm & 8 Ohm Output
  • One Year Warranty

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