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Synectix MOH 1200 (MOH-1200)

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The Synectix MOH-1200 is an MP3 player, with a USB Flash-drive, which makes downloading custom prompts easy.

The MOH-1200 comes with a high-quality USB drive, which allows the customer to load MP3 files easily from most computers. This unit comes with a 4G flash drive, which can hold up to 32-hours custom messaging and a built-in speaker for testing.

Load the custom message onto the flash drive and insert it into the MOH1200. Once you have completed these easy steps, you simply plug the power into the unit. All recordings loaded will play in a continuous loop. Recordings that are no longer needed can simply be deleted from the USB Flash-drive and saved to a folder for later use. The order of play is the order in which the files were copied into the unit.


  • Stand-alone MP3 music
  • 4G Flash Drive - holds up to 32-hours/ supports up to 32 GB
  • Easy Connectivity to PBX is provided on the rear panel
  • Connects to the external music on hold port of any phone system such as Avaya, Mitel, Nortel and Partner


  • Power Supply: 9v AC; 1W
  • Output Both 8Ω and 600Ω available
  • Volume Control

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