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Intellitouch On Hold Plus 6000 MP3 Digital OHP MOH (OHP6000)

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On Hold Plus 6000 Digital Music On-Hold

The On Hold Plus 6000 provides users with amble amounts of memory for continuous playback of music. This pre-loaded device will be ready for use right out of the box.


  • Flash memory - 16 MB of on-board flash memory stores over 57 minutes of awesome sounding content. Additional Secure Digital Cards (not included) can add over 9 hours of content for continuous playback
  • USB connection - Connect to your PC via USB to add new content or update firmware
  • PC connection, strictly optional - Unit uses PC only to update content stored in flash memory. Updated content can optionally be added by copying an MP3 or WMA audio file to a Secure Digital Card without the unit ever being connected to a PC or Network
  • Ready to go right out of the box - Pre-loaded with several files containing great sounding music mixed with intermittent "thanks for holding..." messages. Just plug it in and walk away.
  • Message Studio software - Allows users to create new on-hold audio content with voice and music on their PC with a few mouse clicks. Then, just transfer the file directly to the unit's on-board memory, to a Secure Digital Card, or upload to a server for a network update.
  • Free personalization - A free professionally voiced, personalized on-hold production is provided to the customer automatically when a product is registered.
  • One Year Warranty.

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