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Vertical Wave IP Single T1/PRI DNI Module (VW5-1T1S-M)

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Vertical Wave IP Single T1/PRI DNI Module (VW5-1T1S-M)

The Wave system 1-port T-1/PRI with serial interface module is a plug-in module with one T-1 interface and a V.35 DCE serial interface. Data is added to a T-1 data stream, or terminated from a T-1 data stream, to other devices connected to the equipment.

The module has a single V.35 Synchronous DCE serial interface which provides up to 32 64Kbps channels for data.

Note: If there are any EXUs attached to the Wave syatem, the first two T1 ports must be installed in the main chassis.


  • Supports a single T1 (PRI or CAS signaling) digital trunk
  • Integrated CSU/DSU
  • Allows shared data and voice services over a single T1 circuit
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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