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Toshiba Stratagy Flash 4-Port IVP8 Voicemail - Release 2

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Toshiba Stratagy Flash IVP8 Voicemail (4-Port) - Release 2

The Stratagy IVP8 Voicemail will deliver cost effective solutions to customers. This card is compatible with Toshibas Strata CTX line of digital business telephones as well as the Strata DK line of telephones. The Stratagy IVP8 provides voice processing using flash drive technology.


  • Provides 4-ports
  • 4 hours storage
  • Installs into base or expansion cabinet card slot in Toshiba Strata CTX or Strata DK phone system
  • Automated attendant to answer incoming calls
  • Call routing to direct calls to the person or department the caller wants
  • Telephone answering to take messages when an employee is unavailable
  • Voice messaging to create, send, receive, forward, and save voice messages
  • Audiotex to play pre-recordered information on demand
  • Call screening to announce the calling party
  • Message notification to let users know when a voice message arrives


  • Compatible with Toshiba Strata CTX100/CTX670, DK40i/40/16e, and DK424i/DK424/280

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