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Toshiba ACTU3A 32-Port Control Processor Unit

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Toshiba ACTU3A 32-Port Control Processor Unit

Optional sub-assemblies can be attached to the ACTU Processor to provide additional features.

AMDS (Modem) – Provides a 33.6Kbps/V.34 modem for point-to-point local or remote connection to the CTX WinAdmin administration PC.

ARCS (DTMF Receiver/Busy Tone Detector) – Provides 16 DTMF receivers maximum and 16 Auto Busy Redial (ABR), Busy Tone detectors maximum.

AETS (Ethernet LAN Interface) – Provides one 10baseT Ethernet circuit with an RJ45 connector for CTI Open Architecture applications (future), CTX Attendant Console (future), ACD Server (future), Toshiba Proprietary Voice Mail integration and system administration connection (including local and remote CTX WinAdmin).

BSIS (Serial Port Interface) – Provides up to two RS-232 interface ports for SMDR interface to Call Accounting devices, SMDI or Toshiba Proprietary interface to Voice Mail devices, and two future applications.

This includes License Pack 1


  • CIX/CTX Release Number: 1
  • System Type: CTX100
  • 2 Cabinet Maximum
  • 1 Serial Port
  • 4 DTMF Receivers
  • 32 Basic Ports
  • No Strata Net Networking Channels
  • 0 CTI Sessions
  • 0 Attendant Consoles
  • 0 Softphones
  • CIX IP Telephony: Enabled
  • 17 IP End Points
  • 2 LVMU Channels
  • 0 SIP Trunk Channels
  • 0 DP5022-SDM
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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