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Avaya Definity TN791 Analog Guest Line Circuit Pack

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TN791 Analog Guest Line Circuit Pack

The TN791 has 16-ports. Each port supports 1 voice terminal, such as 500 (rotary dial) and 2500 terminals (DTMF dial) LED and neon message waiting indicators are supported (a separate power supply is required for neon message waiting indicators).

It supports on-premises wiring with either touch-tone or rotary dialing and with or without the LED and neon message waiting indicators. It has the ability to support 3 ringer loads, but only 1 voice terminal can have an LED or neon message waiting indicator.

The circuit pack allows for a maximum of 8 simultaneous ports ringing and is compatible with
500-type, 2500-type, 6200-type, 7100, 7101A, 7103A, 8100, and 9100 series terminals.

International offers or US and Canada Category B only.

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