BCM 1100/1200 Series IP Phones

Nortel 1200 18-Key Expansion Module (NTYS23AA70E6)

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Nortel-Avaya 18 Key Expansion Module (NTYS23AA70E6)

The Nortel IP 1200 Series 18 Key Expansion Module is an expansion module that will provide users with up to 18 additional LED keys. This expansion module will offer an innovative array of features including a high-resolution, pixel-based fully-backlit graphical display delivering an optimum viewing experience, along with the robust suite of features delivered from Nortel Communication Servers.


  • High-resolution, backlit, monochrome greyscale pixel-based display
  • Ergonomic
  • Scalable - 18 Key LED KEM expands up to 2 modules
  • Desk or Wall Mountable
  • Five position (-5 to + 55 degrees) adjustable foot stand
  • Power required - power is provided through PoE
  • One Year Warranty


  • Nortel 1220 IP Phone
  • Nortel 1230 IP Phone

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