Norstar 616 Non-DS 6x16 KSU w/ DR5 Software (NT5B10)

Norstar 616 Non-DS 6x16 KSU w/ DR5 Software (NT5B10)

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Norstar 616 KSU with DR5 Software

The Norstar 616 Key Service Unit with DR5 Software will provide users with six lines and sixteen stations along with the listed software.


  • 6 Lines x 16 Stations - Includes DR5 Software - does not include disconnect supervision
  • Norstar DR5 Software Features
    • System Speed Dial
    • Identifies External Lines and Telephones by Names
    • Adjusts the Time and Date displayed
    • Direct-dial
    • Defines Dialing Filters, Remote Access Packages, Line and Telephone Abilities
    • Service Modes
    • Password Capability and Log Defaults
    • Call Services, Call Handling, Call Forward and Call Pick up
  • One Year Warranty
  • Compatibility

    • Compatible with all Norstar Telephones
    • Compatible with all Analog Terminal Adapters
    • Compatible with NRU's, Fast Rads, SMDR's and CTA's
    • All Norstar Voice Mails are compatible
    • Voice Interfaces are compatible

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