616 KSU (6x16)

Norstar 616 DS 6x16 KSU - No Software (NT5B10)

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Norstar 616 KSU DS - Cabinet Only (without Software)

The Norstar 616 KSU DS is the cabinet only, without the software. This KSU has disconnect supervision capabilities along with six lines and sixteen stations.


  • 6 Lines x 16 Stations - does not include software
  • Provides one emergency teleadapt port
  • Provides an internal power supply
  • One Year Warranty


  • All Norstar Telephone Sets are compatible
  • Compatible with Fast Rads, NRU's, Analog Terminal Adapters, CTA 100 and CTA160
  • SMDR3 and higher are compatible
  • Minuet, Prelude, Cinphony ACD Softwares are all compatible

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