616 KSU (6x16)

Norstar 616 Non-DS 6x16 KSU w/ DR1 Software (NT5B10)

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Norstar 616 KSU (Non-DS) with DR1 Software

The Norstar 616 Key Service Unit with DR1 Software will provide users with up to six lines and sixteen stations as well as the DR1 Software. This KSU unit is ideal for smaller companies that do not plan on future expansion on their phone systems beyond the capacity of the 616.


  • 6 Lines x 16 Extensions (Non-Expandable)
  • NON-DS Unit Not Recommended if adding Voice Mail
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Not Capable for Caller ID or Voice Mail
  • One Year Warranty


  • Compatible with all Norstar Phones except M7100, M7324 and T7406
  • Compatible with all Analog Terminal Adapters (ATA) (ATA II)
  • Only SMDR1 & 2 will work with DR1 Software

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