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NEC NEAXmail AD-8 4-Port Voicemail Module (151113)

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NEAXMail 2000 AD-8 Integrated Digital Voice Mail Module(PZ-VM00/NG-048952-004)

The NEAXMail AD-8 Integrated Digital Voice Mail System is a module that will provide users with combined function capabilities and automated attendant features. This system can manage your offices communication needs accurately and efficiently.


  • Speed Keys, Menu Interface, Subscriber Self-enrollment.
  • Special Delivery Options: Urgent, Private, Future and Return Receipt Requested.
  • 3 Personalized Greetings: Standard, Alternate, Internal.
  • Live Record with Special Function Keys: Record, Pause, Erase, Re-record, Urgent Page, Address
    on the Fly, Automatic Address.
  • Constant Message Count to LCD.
  • Urgent Message Count to LCD.
  • Personal Secretary.
  • Subscriber Controlled: Group, Broadcasting, Message Delivery, Call Screening, Call Holding.
  • Directory Listing,Message Cancellation, Message Redirection, Message Editing.
  • Day and Time Stamp.
  • Message Receipt Verification.
  • Message Rewind, Pause and Fast-Forward.
  • Volume Control.
  • Message Waiting Notification.
  • Message Delivery to Any Telephone.

PBX System Requirements:

Software Level Requirement: 1300 Series or Higher.


NEAXMail AD-8 comes as a completely assembled, self-contained voice processing system, with all of the software installed. The following are specifications for NEAXMail AD-8 systems:

Subscribers: Unlimited
Ports: 4 or 8
Storage: Approximately 120 hours
DOS: Version 6.2
Modem: 14.4 Kbps

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