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NEC NEAX2400 PH-PW14 Power Switch Card (201270)

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NEC NEAX 2400 PH-PW14 Power Switch Card (201270)

The NEC NEAX 2400 PH-PW14 Power Switch Card supplies DC -48V operating power to the circuit cards mounted in the TSWM. Additionally, the PH-PW14 PWR SW provides the DC-DC converter function which generates output power DC +5V, -5V and +12V to MISC slots. Two PH-PW14 make the power supply redundant.


  • Supplies DC -48V operating power to cards in TSWM
  • Provides DC-DC converter function to MISC slots
  • Two PWR SWs make the power supply redundant
  • One year warranty included, with extended warranties available!

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