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NEC NEAX2400 PA-PRTC PRI Trunk Card (226028)

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NEC NEAX 2400 PA-PRTC PRI Trunk Card (226028)

The NEC NEAX 2400 PA-PRTC PRI Trunk Card is a digital interface supporting voice and data communications at 1.5M bit/second. The PA-PRTC 1.5M PRT card builds in the Dch handler accordance and offers Primary Rate Access Interface with the system. Additionally, it has a built-in resonance circuit that extracts clock signals to synchronize the network and system exactly. Included in this card is also a standard PAD and a flexible PAD. The flexible PAD allows for setting a more detailed PAD value and can set the loss from 0 to 20 dB and gain from -1 to -16 dB in 1dB step.


  • Supports voice and data communications
  • Offers PRI with the system
  • Built-in resonance clock synchronizes system and network exactly
  • Includes both a standard and flexible PAD
  • One year warranty included, with extended warranties available!

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