NEC Elite IPK DTH-4R-1 Cordless Digital Phone (780086)
Elite IPK Digital Phones (DTH)

NEC Elite IPK DTH-4R-1 Cordless Digital Phone (780086)

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NEC DTH-4R-1 Cordless Phone

The NEC DTH-4R-1 Cordless Phone is also known as the NEC Dterm Cordless Lite. This has been designed for digital multi-line desktop functionality in a cordless headset. It includes programmable functions, silent alarm, channel selection and more! The Dterm works on the NEC Elite 48 and above, Aspire, 192, IPK, IPK II, NEAX 2000 and NEAX 2400 phone systems.


  • Digital 900 MHz (limited range)
  • Range up to 150 feet depending on environment
  • Display: 2 lines x 16 characters
  • Channel Selection Control
  • Keys: Conference, Hold, Transfer and mute
  • Function keys: 4
  • Spare battery charging capable
  • Separate charging stand
  • Auto standby and talk
  • Silent alarm
  • Out of range protection
  • Lock feature for keypad
  • Wall mountable separate base and charging unit
  • Easy installation
  • Belt Clip not included
  • Compatible on NEC Aspire system with 3.01 software


  • NEC Elite 48 and above
  • Aspire
  • 192
  • IPK
  • IPK II
  • NEAX 2000
  • NEAX 2400


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