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NEC Elite IPK DTH-8D-1 Digital Phone (780071)

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NEC Electra Elite IPK DTH-8D-1 Telephone (780071)

The NEC Electra Elite IPK DTH-8D-1 phone will provide users with an 8-Button phone with display. This phone is ideal for lobby and warehouse is an 8 button telephone with a 3 lines of LCD display.


  • 3-line, 24 Character LCD display
  • 2-color LED line keys
  • 8 keys for hold, transfer, answer, speaker, conference, redial, recall and feature functions
  • 11 function keys
  • Headset Jack
  • Tone controls
  • One Year Warranty


  • Compatible with Electra Elite IPK 48 & 192 Key Systems


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