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Mitel InterTel 5000 HX DDM-16b Digital Desktop Module (580.2202)

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Mitel InterTel 5000 HX DDM-16b Digital Desktop Module (580.2202)

The Mitel 5000 HX DDM Digital Desktop Module allows for up to 16 digital devices to be connected. There can be up to three DDM-16s installed in any of the four expansion bays.


  • A single 48-pin connector and a special DDM cable for connection to a station block at the Main Distribution Frame
  • Status LEDs ( online, busy and remove)
  • Module release lever for safely removing the module from the bay
  • DSP resources (4 DTMF receivers, 5 tone generators and 16 speakerphones for devices connected to the module)
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • For use with - Mitel 5000 HX Controller
  • If more than 48 digital devices are required up to four optional DEI units can be attached to the system

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