Mitel / Inter-Tel 5000 Modules

Inter-Tel/Mitel CS HX 5000 PM-1 Processor Module (580.2000)

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Mitel InterTel CS HX 5000 PM-1 Processor Module (580.2000)

The Mitel InterTel CS HX 5000 PM-1 Processor Module contains the main controlling microprocessor and associated control logic for the Mitel CS-5200 system. Furthermore, with the addition of a Processor Expansion Card (PEC), the PM-1 can drive the CS-5400 system and form the Base Server of the CS-5600 system. The PEC carries 82 additional IP resources to increase the processing capability of the PM-1.


  • Contains main controlling microprocessor and control logic
  • Includes database back-up battery to support database for at least 1 day of down time
  • LED indicators show main processor operation and module removal
  • Includes 8-pin IP Port to provide IP connection directly to system
  • Includes four resources for receiving Caller ID
  • One year warranty included, with extended warranties available!

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