Citel / MCK 1000-4100 Series PBXgateways & EXTenders

MCK CITEL Definity EXTender 1000 Switch Card (E-1000U-CLM)

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MCK CITEL 1000 Switch Card - E-1000U-CLM

MCK CITEL Definity EXTender 1000 Switch Card equips teleworkers and other single users with seamless remote access to the corporate voice and data networks and associated applications. The Definity EXTender 1000 is a cost-effective option for businesses managing remote workers lacking a broadband Internet connection. Setup and configuration is made a simple process. Simply connect Definity EXTender 1000 remote units at the remote location over an analog POTS line, and EXTender 1000 switch units at the central PBX location.


  • Remote client device for single-user
  • Switch device for single-user
  • Compatible with all leading PBX/KTS systems
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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