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MCK CITEL 4000 Lucent IP EXTender (E-4000-RLM)

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MCK CITEL 4000 Lucent IP EXTender - E-4000-RLM

The MCK CITEL 4000 Lucent IP EXTender equips teleworkers with access to all the features and functions they have in corporate offices or call centers. This unit allows voice traffic to be seamlessly carried over an existing data network.


  • Auto connect mode
  • Noise generation
  • Dynamic and static IP addressing
  • Support for IP precedence
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • Alcatel: 4400 and 4200
  • AvayaTM: DEFINITY ECS release 3 or later
  • MERLIN MAGIX (release 2 or later)
  • Ericsson: MD110
  • NEC: i-Series 28i, 124i, 124ie, 384i and 704i
  • Nortel: BCM, Meridian and Norstar
  • Panasonic: DBS 576 and 576HD

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