Avaya 9500 Series Digital Phones

Avaya 9504 Digital Phone Global (700508197)

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Avaya 9504 Digital Phone GLOBAL ICON (700508197)

The Avaya 9504 is designed for the everyday user who's desk phone is just one of many communication tools needed throughout a typical workday. This desk phone will meet the needs of cubicle workers or sales staff within a retail environment.

Avaya has transitioned the 9500 series digital telephones to a Global form factor. Global phones have the English language text removed from the faceplate and use icons to communicate button functions and fixed features such as message, menu, headset, mute, and speaker. The Global form factor is the currently manufactured model.


  • 4 Administrative feature buttons on three levels
  • 2-wired lane interface
  • Message waiting indicator
  • Dual LED's (Red and Green)
  • High-Quality speakerphone
  • 4x32 line display, white Backlit
  • Four-way navigation cluster
  • Dual-position stand
  • Wall-mountable


  • Display: 181x56 Dots, White Backlit
  • Size: 8.07"x8.03"x6.34"/7.91"
  • Weight: 2.0lbs
  • Codec: G711
  • Protocol: DCP
  • Headset Support
  • User Option for Language Select


  • Avaya IP Office 7.0 or later
  • Requires an available digital station port


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