Univerge DT300 Digital Phones (DTL)

NEC Univerge DTL-8LD-1 Digital Phone (680010)

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NEC Univerge DTL-8LD-1 Desi-Less Display Phone (680010)

The NEC DTL-8LD-1 Phone will provide users with a 8-button desi-less display phone. The DTL-8LD-1 comes equipped with full-duplex speakerphone and two 168x55 dot matrix backlit LCD screens.


  • Built-In Full Duplex Speakerphone
  • Two 168x55 Dot Matrix Backlit LCD Display
  • 4 LCD Soft Menu Keys
  • 8 Programmable Keys with LED Light Indicators
  • Message Indicator Lamp
  • 4-Way Navigation Wheel


  • Univerge 8100
  • Univerge 8300


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