Univerge DT300 Digital Phones (DTL)

NEC Univerge DTL-2E-1 Digital Phone (680000)

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NEC Univerge DTL-2E-1 DT310 Digital Phone (680000)

The NEC DTL-2E-1 is a digital non-display desk phone. The DT310 will provide users basic telephony features.


  • 2 line x 14 character display
  • Backlit keypad
  • 2 Programmable Keys
  • 11 Fixed Feature Keys
  • Volume Control Key
  • Conference Key
  • Hands-free enabled (half-duplex speakerphone)
  • 4-step adjustable legs
  • Built-in wall-mount


  • Compatible with Univerge 8100/8300

Note: These models are not equipped with Headset Jacks and do not support Endpoint Adapters.


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