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Samsung MP10A Main Processor Card (KPOS71BMP3/XAR)

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Samsung MP10A Main Processor Card (KPOS71BMP3/XAR)

The Samsung MP10A Main Processor Card can provide automated attendant, voicemail, and MGI channels. An SD card is required in the media slot.


  • LAN connection
  • MISC port (external page, MOH/BGM, loud/common bell)
  • SIO port (Samsung Maintenance Only)
  • (4) Universal ports
  • Internal modem slot
  • Media card slot
  • Automated Attendant, Voicemail and MGI channels (license key required)
  • Connector for mounting either a 4DLM card or a 4SWM card
  • Connector for mounting the optional modem board (for remote access)
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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