Citel / MCK 6000 Series PBXgateways & EXTenders

MCK CITEL Avaya Definity Gateway 8 Port Remote (E-6000-RLM-08)

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MCK Citel Avaya/Definity 8 Port Remote - E-6000-SLM08, E-6000-RLM-08

The MCK Citel Avaya/Definity 8 Port Remote allows PBX functionality for teleworkers over a POTS line with a mobile phone or a RemoteConneX Phone.

Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • RemoteConneX Phone
  • Avaya Definity ECS, Merlin Magix, and ECLIPS
  • Media Servers and Gateways

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