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MCK CITEL Avaya Definity 3000 PBX Gateway (E-3000-SLM)

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MCK CITEL Avaya/Definity 3000 PBX Gateway - E-3000T-SLM, E-3000-SLM

The MCK CITEL Avaya/Definity 3000 PBX Gateway allows teleworkers to seamlessly used features and functions from the corporate office. This unit is a good fit for enterprises managing remote workers who lack an broadband Internet connection. The PBX Gateway is an affordable solution that is easy to set up while saving on infrastructure cost.

Two Models

  • EXTender 3000T - Uses second ISDN B channel to emulate a terminal adapter. Allows connection between their PC to the LAN via PPP dial up connection.
  • EXTender 3000E - Uses second B channel for data transmission through a 10Base-T Ethernet connection.
  • Features

    • Provides single users with ISDN connections and access to corporate voice and data networks
    • Second B channel can be used for analog applications such as fax or modem
    • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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