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Avaya JEM24 Expansion Module (700514337)

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Avaya JEM24 Expansion Module (700514337)

The JEM24 Expansion Module attaches to the right side of J169 or J179 to provide 24 additional configurable feature/line buttons. Three JEM24 modules can be simultaneously connected to a single J169 or J179.

The JEM24 Expansion Module is used by end-users who need additional feature/line buttons and do not want to see them by scrolling on the main screen.

Note: JEM24 support requires the use of J100 SIP 4.0 or later software, or Deskphone H.323 6.8 or later software.


  • Provides access to up to 24 buttons and lamps
  • Each feature/line button has a red/green indicator
  • Color display when connected to J179, grayscale display when connected to J169
  • Brightness adjustable from base J169/J179
  • Up to three JEM24 can be connected to a J169/J179
  • Power is supplied by base J169/J179 (increases PoE to class 2)
  • J179s with two or three JEM24 connected at once will require an optional AC power adapter (not included)
  • With SIP Software on-base J169/J179, the user can customize which features/lines are positioned on the JEM24 and background/screensaver images are synchronized.
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


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  • Avaya J179 IP Phone (700513569)


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