Avaya J100 Series IP Phones

Avaya J129 IP Phone (700512392, 700513638)

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Avaya J129 IP Phone (700512392, 700513638)

The Avaya J129 IP Phone is a cost-effective basic phone intended for simple communication, where making and receiving calls is the primary need, and it is best suited for a location-based phone (rather than a user-based phone). The best locations for this phone include lobbies, waiting rooms, lunch areas, warehouses, classrooms, or retail spaces, where a phone is associated more with a particular space, than with a particular user. The J129 can also be used for basic office use by a single user, including in some remote office scenarios requiring secure connection via Session Border Control.

The Avaya J129 IP Phone is the ideal solution for end-users who need only 10/100 Ethernet connectivity and Wireless LAN connectivity, but do not require headsets, CC Elite, color display, or button modules.

Note: The Avaya J129 IP Phone replaced the Avaya E129 SIP Deskphone and Avaya 9601 SIP Deskphone as Avaya's entry-level IP Phones. Customers who might purchase the Avaya 1603-I IP Phone and Avaya 1603SW-I IP Phone may consider the Avaya J129 IP Phone as well.


  • 1-line phone supports two concurrent calls
  • 2.3” (diagonal) monochrome display - 128 x 32 pixels
  • 3 Context-Sensitive Soft Keys
  • Easy to use features including Hold, Transfer, Conference, Forward, Call Park / UnPark
  • Supports SIP-AST for enhanced features and integration on Avaya Aura
  • Native support with IP Office as a basic SIP phone, and in centralized Branch mode
  • Supported on selected 3rd-party Open SIP call platforms.
  • Excellent audio – Handset & Speakerphone. No headset port.
  • Supports optional J100 Wireless Module for Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Recent Call Log (100 entries) / Aura Contact List (250 entries)
  • Built-in volume boost control in Handset for Hearing Impaired
  • Mute Key with Mute Alerting
  • Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports to support co-located PC
  • Power over Ethernet Class 1 and support for 802.3az.
  • Simultaneous Registration & Fallback like 9600-series
  • Support for TLS / SRTP for encryption
  • Supports Basic IPT License; Enhanced IPT License for Security & Aura Resiliency, Core License for SBC; and Avaya IP Endpoint License with IP Office
  • Configurable via web interface
  • Does not include Ethernet Cable or AC power adapter
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


  • Avaya Aura - Requires Basic IPT License
  • Avaya IP Office - Requires IP Endpoint License
  • Broadsoft Broadworks R21SP1
  • Zang Office R1.0
  • Avaya Approved Third Party Platforms
Package Includes
  • Phone Body
  • Avaya J100 Series Handset
  • Handset Cord
  • Unit Stand


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