Avaya/Definity Circuit Packs TN771 - TN802

Avaya Definity TN790 Processor Circuit Pack

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TN790 Processor (TN790)

The TN790 Processor circuit pack is built to manage errors that are linked with the EM-BUS and is required for use of the C-LAN (TN799) and NETpkt (TN794) circuit packs in R7 and later. The TN790 is a circuit pack level replacement for the TN786B/CPP1 combination. The mezzanine board for memory expansion is not supported.

Compatible with

  • TN765 - Processor interface circuit pack
  • TN778 - PACCON circuit pack
  • TN777B - NETCON circuit back
  • TN772 - Duplication interface circuit pack

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