Acculink/Paradyne CSU/DSU (3150, 3160, 6134)

Acculink Paradyne 3164 CSU DSU w/ Power (3164-A2-210)

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Acculink/Paradyne 3164 CSU/DSU with Power

The Acculink/Paradyne 3164 CSU/DSU allow you to connect to T1 and FT1 network services from fractional Nx56/64 Kbps with speeds maxing out at 1.54 Mbps.


  • Speeds up to 1.54 Mbps
  • Configurable Nx56/64 Kbps ports DSX-1 drop and insert port
  • LCD display: 2x16
  • Integral V.22bis model
  • Multiple power source options
  • Integral BERT: QRSS, 511, and 1 in 8 six different loopbacks
  • Three sets of Bantam test jacks
  • Four data ports on EIA-530-A interfaces

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