Acculink/Paradyne CSU/DSU (3150, 3160, 6134)

Acculink Paradyne 3150 CSU w/ Power (3150-A2-210)

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Acculink/Paradyne 3150 CSU

The Acculink/Paradyne 3150 CSU accepts ESF T1 framing standards or D4 and B8ZS or AMI line coding standards.


  • Supports D4
  • Supports ESF T1 framing standards and B8ZS
  • Supports AMI line coding standards
  • Loop-back capabilities
  • Automatic dial capability for standalone printer or SNMP Manager
  • Display: 2x16 LCD
  • LEDs: 12 for status
  • Rear panel has power, DTE and line connections, integral model interface, and local/remote command interface.

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