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Aastra M5312 Digital Phone (NT4X37)

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Aastra M5312 (NT4X37)

The Aastra M5312 offers your business enterprise a wide variety of features and functions. It is an ideal solution for managing high-volume calls. Includes a large display, programmable lines/keys and a speaker phone.


  • Large Adjustable Display
  • Programmable line/keys: 10
  • Speaker phone
  • Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers (MADNs) Supported
  • In Use Indicators: ring again, call forward and message waiting
  • Keys: Hold, release and volume control
  • Meridian M536 and M518 add-on module for line/feature expansion compatible
  • Displays calling and called names
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


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