Aastra M5000 Series Digital Phones

Aastra M5208 Digital Phone (NT4X41)

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Aastra M5208 (NT4X41)

The Aastra M5208 offers your business enterprise a wide variety of features and functions. It is equipped with a liquid crystal display for easy call management. Includes visual ringing alerts and message waiting indicator.


  • Display: 2-Line x 24 character LCD
  • Loop powered: Display will still work during a power outage
  • Programmable 8 line/feature keys
  • Color-coded Hold, Release keys
  • Visual ringing indication alerts you to an incoming call.
  • Over sized Keypad buttons
  • Speaker phone
  • Message Waiting Indicator
  • Music on hold compatible
  • Single Line Call Queuing
  • MADN-capable: Set appearances of other users directory numbers
  • Class / CMS Compatible Features
  • Easy On-Hook dialing


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