New to Avaya Vantage K100 Series

New to Avaya Vantage K100 Series

Introducing the latest additions to our website, the Avaya Vantage K155, K165 and K175. These innovative phones are designed to be fully customizable and bring multidimensional communication to your desktop phone. They feature modern glass designs with touch screen displays that are simplified and easy to use.

The Vantage K155

The Vantage K155 features a touch screen display, as well as a physical dialpad for those her prefer traditional keys. This device features a 720x1280 display with built in wifi and Bluetooth.

It is perfect for large and small businesses, compatible with Avaya Aura and Avaya Office IP Platform.

The Vantage K165 & K175

The Vantage K165 and IK175 are desktop devices that provide instant, simple and natural engagement. Their 720x1280  touchscreen displays allow users to connect through voice, chat and other collaboration tools easily with just one touch. They feature built in wifi, hotspot and Bluetooth connection to a cordless handset with inductive charging.

The difference between the K165 and K175 are that the K175 features an integrated camera, while the K165 is for those who would prefer no camera. Both deliver natural engagement that meets the needs of present day multi channel communication. They are easy to use, with a simplified touch screen display that eliminates unnatural workflow and pauses during conversations.

Benefits of the K100 Series

Innovative Design: all glass, large touch screen display with no visible mechanical buttons

Natural Engagement: eliminates the need to own multiple devices, provides seamless integration within one unit

Ease of Use: includes simplified user interface on large touchscreen displays for natural and uninterrupted communication

You can find the Avaya Vantage K100 Series now at:

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