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Valcom PagePro VIP-201A SIP Paging Gateway (VIP-201A)

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Valcom PagePro VIP-201A SIP Paging Gateway (VIP-201A)

The Valcom PagePro VIP-201A SIP Paging Gateway is designed for use with virtually all IP based telephone systems. The unit provides SIP addressable groups and 1 analog output. The VIP-201A can control thousands of IP and/or analog speakers or provide interface to legacy paging systems. Connection to a SIP Server can be as individual SIP Stations (extensions) or as a SIP trunk. Station mode provides up to 8 SIP-addressable groups. Trunk mode accepts up to 100 SIP phone numbers for flexible grouping.


  • SIP-Addressable Groups
  • 2 Analog Audio Output
  • 2 Programmable Form C Relay Closures
  • RJ-45 for Network Connection
  • Provides Audio for Valcom Analog One-Way Self Amplified Speaker Assemblies or 25/70 Volt central amplifiers
  • AUX Audio Input via RCA Jack, Mutes During a Page
  • Output Control Relay Closure Provided During Paging Output
  • Barrel Jack for optional DC Power (non-POE)
  • Status / Network Activity LEDs
  • Programmable Feedback Elimination/Page Repeat
  • Programmable Night Ring
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


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