Toshiba DKT-3000 Series Digital Phones

Toshiba DKT3007-SD Digital Phone

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Toshiba DKT3007-SD Digital Phone

The Toshiba DKT3007-SD is a digital display phone that will provide users up to 7 incoming lines. The DKT3007-SD comes equipped with 7 programmable keys that can be used as programmable features or outgoing CO lines. This phone is designed to be used in several settings including restaurants, retail environments, hotels and more.


  • 2 line display
  • 4 LCD soft keys
  • 7 programmable keys
  • Fixed feature keys (Message, Mic, Speaker, Speed Dial, Conference/Transfer and Hold)
  • LED status indicators
  • Volume control
  • Wall mountable


  • Compatible with Toshiba DK or CTX phone systems

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