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Toshiba CIX40 System Cabinet 4x8x1 (CHSU40A3)

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Toshiba CIX40 System Cabinet 4x8x1 (CHSU40A3)

Strata CIX40 is versatile and scalable to meet the dynamic needs of small locations with up to 20 users, depending on your networking requirements. Use it as a single-site phone system, and expand as the business grows. Or use it at branch locations, networked with Strata CIX and Toshiba IPedge pure-IP systems at other locations and headquarters.

Includes: GMAU Motherboard, GMAS Motherboard, and Power Supply.
Does Not Include: GCTU2 Processor, GCTU3 Processor


  • Eight digital telephone ports
  • Four CO line ports with Caller ID interface
  • One standard single line (2500-set) telephone port
  • 16 digital telephone ports and six analog CO line ports with Caller ID Interface with a GCDU2
  • Two standard single line (2500-set) telephone ports with a GSTU1
  • Eight IP Channels with a GIPH1 for IP telephones and Strata Net network channels
  • Four voicemail ports with up to 40 hours of storage for up to 360 mailboxes with a GVPH1
  • The system can be configured with four additional serial ports with an optional BSIS card
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!


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