Avaya/Definity Circuit Packs TN429 - TN748

Avaya Definity TN464HP DS1/ISDN PRI Circuit Pack

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TN464HP DS1/ISDN PRI Circuit Pack

The TN464HP DS1/ISDN PRI Circuit Pack will support all versions of ISDN-PRI connectivity. This circuit pack can communicate with Avaya Interactive Response System.


  • Stratum-3 clock capability
  • Support for CO, TIE, DID, and OPS
  • CRC-4 generation and checking
  • Echo cancellation support
  • Downloadable firmware
  • Russian incoming ANI support
  • Universal, digital, signal level 1 equipment in wideband ISDN-PRI applications support
  • Test-jack access to the DS1 or E1 line
  • Support for 120A integrated channel service unit module
  • Line-In, Line-Out signal leads for unpolarized, balanced pairs
  • Circuit-pack-level - administrable A-, Mu-Law companying
  • One Year Warranty Included with Extended Warranty Options at Low Prices!

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