Avaya/Definity Circuit Packs TN429 - TN748

Avaya Definity TN464F Universal DS1/ISDN PRI

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Avaya Definity TN464F Universal DS1 ISDN PRI

The Definity TN464F Universal DS1 ISDN PRI will provide users with the support of DS1 Rate with 24 digital channels and E1 Rather with 32 digital channels. All versions are supported with ISDN-PRI connectivity.


  • Supports DS1 Rate: 24 Digital Channels
  • Supports E1 Rate: 32 Digital Channels
  • ISDN-PRI Connectivity supports for all versions
  • Test jack access to DS1 and E1 line and support the 120A integrated CSU
  • Includes Atlas 1-Year Warranty with Extended Warranty options available!

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