Snom ONE Blue Edition - Unlimited Extensions (SNB-UL)

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snom ONE blue edition - Unlimited Extensions

snom ONE blue allows for unlimited number of extensions and up to 5 companies and is therefore flexible enough to handle the growth of any company! It is aimed at fulfilling the complex requirements of a corporate business telephone system at high scalability, reliability and ease of use. It is the perfect choice for growing companies that want to take advantage of maximizing their economies of scale.

In order to maximize the convenience for each user, incoming calls can simultaneously ring any of the snom IP phones as well as connected cell phones, which means an increase in usability for every user. The snom ONE also provides a huge range of standard extension features such as hot desking, voicemail to e-mail, call screening and call redirections along with presence and monitoring. In addition the snom ONE is also equipped with paging features for use with the snom IP phones family and also the snom PA1 paging device.


  • Plug and Play with all snom phones
  • snom ONE blue supports up to (40) 3rd party SIP devices (ATA, SIP Video cameras, door entry
  • ystems, conferencing, soft phones)
  • Simultaneous ringing of cell phones and snom phones
  • Extension specific dial plan, time zone and language support
  • Multiple extension alias names, ANI assignments
  • Centralized Address Book
  • Hot desking
  • Voicemail
  • Multidomain
  • Web Interface
    Shared Line emulation
  • Available for Windows, Linux and Mac-OS
  • Full feature set with every version (blue, yellow, free)
  • One Year Warranty

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