Snom 300 Series IP Phones

Snom 300-Series Expansion Module v2.0 (1268)

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Description of the Snom Expansion Module v2.0 - 1268

The Snom Expansion Module v2.0 is a module that will expand any of your existing Snom devices. The Snom 320, 360 and 370 Expansion Modules will bring an expansion of the Snom's best features to meet the requirements of executive and administrative staff who experience a high-call volume.

The new Version 2 of the Expansion Module, allows to daisy-chain up to 3 expansion modules. Using your Snom with the Snom Expansion Module, call coverage and management is even more easy and efficient to handle. With the expansion module, you add 42 additional programmable keys and LEDs, increasing the total number of keys and LEDs to 54.


  • Chain up to 3 modules per phone
  • Up to 138 buttons w/ LEDs
  • One Year Warranty


  • Snom 320, Snom 360, Snom 370

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