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ShoreTel 5300 VPN Concentrator (60032)

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Shoretel VPN Concentrator 5300 (60032)

The ShoreTel VPN Concentrator 5300 will provide a secure connection for remote IP telephones to the of the system. The VPN Concentrator 5300 will then enable IT staff to implement a very secure and flexible remote work policy. Remote users can simply connect a ShoreTel IP phone to a broadband router, and with minimal configuration establish a secure tunnel to the ShoreTel VPN Concentrator. Once connected, their phone acts as though it was located in the same office.


  • Supports up to 100 simultaneous VPN connections
  • Support for optional redundant concentrators providing fault tolerance
  • Rack Mount Brackets are sold separately


  • Broadband connection: DSL, cable modem or similar
  • Broadband modem: QoS support for best practice
  • Compatible with the following Shoretel IP Gigabit or G series phones

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