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PRI ISDN Enabler Soft Key Code (NTAB2769)

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Norstar PRI ISDN Enabler Soft Key Code - NTAB2769

The Norstar Nortel ISDN-PRI Enabler Soft Key is the PRI keycode for Norstar MICS business telephone system. This key is required in order to configure the Digital Trunk Cartridge (DTI Card) as a PRI Card. Norstar MICS PRI. Norstar Primary Rate Interface. Provides Caller ID and DID capability for Nortel Norstar MICS NT7B74GA.

Important Note: The activation for your Norstar PRI keycode is generally available within 24 hours of submission. Please contact us with your MICS system ID prior to install to ensure that your Norstar PRI installation can be installed without delay.

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