Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)

Norstar SMDR6 Station Message Detail Recording (NT8B95AAAE)

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Nortel Norstar SMDR6 - (NT8B95AAAE)

The Nortel Norstar SMDR6 is a station message detail recording box that receives data from a telephone system for output to a recording device.


  • Requires 1 telephone station port
  • Records caller iD
  • SMDR Data can be printed on a serial printer or output to call accounting software
  • One Year Warranty


  • Compatible with 3X8 DR5.1, 6X16 DR2 or Higher and 8X24 or Higher
  • Compatible with CICS 1.0 or Higher, MICS 1.0 or Higher and MICS XC 1.0 or Higher

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