MICS (0x32) Cabinets

Nortel MICS Modular ICS 0X32 Base Cabinet (NT7B53FA)

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Norstar MICS Modular ICS 0x32 Base Cabinet (NT7B53FA)

The Norstar MICS Modular ICS 0x32 Base Cabinet will provide users with a power supply and the Norstar Modular ICS 0x32 Key Service Unit. The KSU system has the digital station ports built into it - designed for small to medium businesses.


  • Two Universal slots for use with analog and digital line/trunk cartridges
  • Core unit supports 32 stations ports
  • Key Service Unit is expandable up to 272 ports
  • Integrated applications include voice messaging, unified messaging, digital networking, enhanced call centers
    and speech recognition
  • Supports Analog Station Modules for the addition of analog single line devices
  • Supports ISDN-BRI, PRI and T1 digital services


  • M7000 Series Telephones
  • T7000 Series Telephones
  • StarTalk Flash Voicemail
  • CallPilot 100/150 Voicemail

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