Nortel Fiber Station Module (0x16) (NTBB41FB, NTBB41FG)
Fiber Expansion Modules (12x0, 0x16, 008ASM)

Nortel Fiber Station Module (0x16) (NTBB41FB, NTBB41FG)

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Norstar Fiber Station Module (0x16) - (NTBB41FB, NTBB41FG)

The Norstar Fiber Station Module will allow for users to add 16 additional station ports to their existing Norstar Modular ICS main cabinet.

Budget Option (Grade B) Definition

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  • *Popular selection for utility minded users that don't demand showroom quality.
  • *Please see "Grade B" image above for example.
  • *Some typical examples of B Stock Imperfections include one or more of the following:
    • *Discolorations within outer plastic.
    • *Missing trough and/or main door.


  • Provides additional station/extension ports to the Modular ICS through fiber connection
  • Each Fiber Station Module expands the core Modular ICS system by up to 16 station/extension ports
  • Requires the Norstar 6 Port Fiber Combo Card, 6 Port Fiber Expansion or the 2 Port Fiber Expansion Card


  • Compatible with all releases of Norstar Modular ICS
  • To add the Norstar 0x16 Fiber Station Module to your Norstar Modular ICS main cabinet,
    you will need one of the following fiber expansion cartridges:
    • 2-Port Fiber Expansion Cartridge
    • 6-Port Fiber Expansion Cartridge
    • 6-Port Combination Fiber Services Cartridge

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